Amanda's Story

This story is one of those stories written by one person starting off by writing a short piece, and then the next person writing a little more, and so on...

Once upon a time. A long time ago. There lived two dragons. They lived in a land called Frell. One dragon's name was Saaski and the other's name was Maqi. In the land of Frell there lived many different creatures. Some evil and some good. There are so many kinds of creatures that they haven't even discovered them yet, they just know that they're there. There are fairies, elves, gnomes, ogres.

The type of creature our story is about is called a snargle. A snargle is about 3 feet high, and had webbed feet (so it can swim well), thick fur all over it's body (so it's warm), and 4 eyes (2 in front and 2 in back so it can see things sneaking up on it!)

The particular snargle we're interested in is Mala. Mala was a fairly young snargle (she was only about 200 years old - she hadn't even started dating yet!) She had traveled a good deal so far, and was pretty well acquainted with the usual creatures of Frell. She knew which ones you could play with, and which ones you needed to hide from (especially Saaski and Magi, even though Magi was really a good dragon - she just didn't always look where she was going...)

One day Mala decided she wanted to go on an adventure. She asked her friend Kana where she should go. Her friend told her to go to a mysterious island called Mabblie island. Kana told Mala that she heard stories of mysterious creatures living there.

Mala packed her stuff and headed out to discover something new.

As soon as she stepped out of her house, she heard some yelling. She thought it was coming from by the town well, so she went to see what was going on. Sure enough, someone was down in the well! The well was very deep, so she couldn't tell who or what was down there, but she thought she should help them anyway. She let the bucket fall all the way down, then yelled at whoever was down there to hop on, and she would pull them up. Then she started turning the crank to pull the bucket up. Pretty soon the bucket was almost at the top, and guess who jumped out?

It was her friend Bellinda the fairie. Her friend was only about the size of Mala's hand. For a fairie Bellinda had a big voice. When Bellinda got out of the bucket she thanked Mala and told her that she had to go. After Bellinda left Mala wondered how Bellinda fell in the well anyway.

Mala decided to just have a picnic by the stream that ran through the grassy meadows by her house. Later that night Mala decided to go and visit Bellinda. Mala wanted to ask Bellinda how she fell in the well. When she knocked on Bellinda's door Bellinda opended it and asked Mala if she wanted to come in. Of course Mala couldn't go in because Bellinda's house was to small. So Bellinda came outside.

Bellinda told Mala that she was out picking some blackberries, and an evil troll who had just happened to be around sneezed, blowing Bellinda down into the well. Bellinda's wings had gotten wet, so she had not been able to fly out. She had been down there for about 3 hours until Mala had finally rescued her!

Bellinda said that she was getting bored of just flying around home, picking blackberries and getting blown into wells by trolls. She told Mala that she wanted to get out and do some adventuring, so Mala asked Bellinda if she wanted to come with her on her big adventure to Mabblie island. Bellinda got VERY excited! Of course she wanted to come! When could they start?

Mala really had no reason to wait around, so they both gathered some supplies, and started off down the road to the ocean.

When they got to the ocean there was a boat already there. So they hopped in and started paddeling - of course only Mala was big enough. They paddeled for what seemed forever when they finally saw it. It was an island. Mala just hoped it was the right island. When they pulled the boat ashore they could see smoke coming from somwhere in the forest. They decided to check it out. On their way they saw tons of neat and odd looking animals. All of a sudden Bellinda pointed at something. Mala looked over and saw what Bellinda was pointing at. It was the fire they had seen. The only thing was that there where strange looking things dancing around it. The things had 2 arm and 2 legs. Mala had heard of the strange creatures before but didn't know they actually were real! Mala tried to think of the name her friends had called them....Humans!