Jewelry Box #1 (6"x4"x2")

This is my first attempt at woodworking (well, since elementary school anyway). The pine was bought as a standard board at Home Depot.

Please remember with all of these projects (at least until I tell you otherwise) that I'm using only basic tools (Roto-Zip, Dremel). A table saw or belt sander would greatly speed the process up, not to mention that the intricacy of the projects could go up.

Anywho, I cut the middle out of the middle piece, dug a bowl into the bottom piece, and routed an edge (again, using the Roto-Zip - not the easiest way to make professional-looking cuts!). The bottom two pieces were glued together, and when finished I coated the whole thing in several coats of clear gloss polyurethane.

(You might notice that this is an anniversary gift for my girlfriend Liz)