Jewelry Box #2 (3"(diam)x6"(high))

I started out wanting to make a sphere container. Obviously, somewhere along the way I sort of strayed from that idea...

Near the start of this project, I got interested in carving. So I decided to put something on this cylinder - a fairly simple pair of inter-twining ropes. I also decided to do a little inlay in the top (and no, I will not show you a close-up of the inlay work - it's not that great).

The box itself, as well as the shelves inside are made of pine. The inlaid sun and the lid to the interior shelves are done in Brazilian Rosewood. The ring used to lift the shelves out as well as the legs are in Snakewood (what a wonderful material to work with!)

The outside of the box is semi-gloss polyurethaned while the inside is tung-oiled (to preserve the fit - somehow I got it so that the lid will actually "lock" into place if turned a little). The shelves, shelf lid, ring, and legs were also covered in several coats of tung oil and waxed.